Sara & Peter // Asheville, NC Camp Wedding at Deerfields Retreat

The drive to Deerfields Retreat was the most beautiful drive to a wedding venue I've ever taken, through winding roads with views of mountains and corn fields and a perfect breeze coming through my windows. 
After parking beneath some apple trees, Sara greeted me by saying "I hope you brought comfortable shoes, it's like summer camp here."
And it was. Tents dotted the hillsides along with more apple trees. A lake featured guests swimming and canoeing, and on the porch of one of the main cabins were friends and family relaxing in rocking chairs and eno hammocks with cold beers in hand. 
Sara and Peter had turned their wedding into a weekend affair full of hiking, swimming, and bringing everyone they loved together to celebrate the way they knew best- enjoying everything the blue ridge mountains could offer. It was absolutely perfect.