Lindsey & Thomas // The Stockroom at 230 Raleigh Wedding

A bride and groom who just totally get you and your love for Parks and Rec, some sparkly shoes, delicious tacos, DONUTS, and some sweet dance moves. The day of their wedding a giant beer festival was going on, and any time we went outside the entire crowd would cheer for Lindsey and Thomas, high fiving them as they went. They deserve all the drunk cheers and high fives. <3

Brenna & Eli // Little Herb House Raleigh Wedding

This dreamy wedding, my goodness. It took place on an adorable herb garden and farm just outside of Raleigh, which means when you get married there, you're surrounded by the smell of rosemary and lavender, and whatever happens to be blooming then. Eli is a gardener, so how more fitting could that setting be? Instead of a unity candle or sand, they planted a tree, and their gifts to their guests were seeds for rosemary, lavender, and thai basil. And a first look in a greenhouse? Yes please! 

Their dance to Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love" was so romantic and sweet it felt like they were the only two people in the room. The Humble Pig catered some delicious food, even incorporating rosemary and lavender into their food. The yummy handmade desserts certainly didn't last long. 

Brenna looked stunning in her dress from Dreamers and Lovers, and she and Eli just exuded happiness and contentment all day. I probably picked way too many favorite moments and images from this day, but I don't care it's my site and I can do what I want. <3

Kristin & Mark, White Mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire Engagement

Kristin and Mark live in Boston, just a drive away from the magic that is New Hampshire. We planned on exploring the White Mountains of New Hampshire for their engagement photos, and when Kristin asked me if I was okay with spending the night at her family's cabin afterward, and that it was on an island, on Lake Winnipesaukee, that requires a boat to get to- you bet I was jumping up and down in my house from excitement. 

We spent the weekend boating and canoeing, swimming, reading and drinking wine on the dock, and at night just enjoyed the sound of the water lapping against the shore. It was reallyyyy difficult to come home after that. So ready to go back to New Hampshire for their wedding next June!