Shannon & Nik

Every couple has a certain way of interacting with each other. The way they hold hands, walk closely together, or how someone's head fits perfectly on the other's shoulder. I always do my best to give my couples direction on how to be as natural as possible, as if they aren't in front of a camera. I love to focus on those in between moments, to me those are the most real. 
But these two, newly engaged Shannon and Nik, have a way of one-ness that I haven't really seen before. I barely had to say a word, except for the many "awww!"'s every couple of shots. Every little movement and show of affection was beautiful and genuine, and I'm so happy these two found each other. Next year when they tie the knot I'll be up front with them as a bridesmaid and I couldn't be happier making these memories with them. I just love these photos so much. 
To propose, Nik made Shannon climb a mountain, and then asked her to marry him with sprawling views of mountains behind them. Pretty perfect, I'd say.