Roadtrip: North Carolina to Wisconsin and back

Now that wedding season has calmed down, I can devote a blog post to one of the best trips of my life. My long time love Ben and I decided to drive to Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin back in September and visit our friends Sarah and Joel, where Joel is part owner of a (wonderful!) restaurant. Along the way we camped in Indiana and I saw the sunrise from our tent door over the lake in front of our campground, then stopped in Chicago for some deep dish pizza (yum). After we arrived in Manitowish, We enjoyed Joel's incredible food, spent time with friends we love, hiked a lot, and were treated to some incredible views. Lake Superior is a gorgeous place, I could barely get enough of it. Driving for two days can make someone stir crazy after a while, but I have no regrets. The feeling of the open road, and the mystery and anticipation of what lay ahead for us is something I'll never forget, and I can't wait for the next one. 

A man and his dog, from the shore of Lake Superior during our trip to Madeline Island.

Our host, Joel, on Madeline Island. We had a picnic and drank champagne on these rocks. It was pretty epic. (:

View from the ferry on the way back from the island.

Sarah took me to this hidden waterfall located on the property of a ski slope. It was incredible, and one of the most intense waterfalls I've been this close to. 

from the top of the waterfall. (iPhone photo)

Panorama, also from my phone.

Sarah and Joel took us to Little Girl's Point, where the water of Lake Superior was so calm you couldn't see the horizon. Breathtaking.